Introducing SYMPHONY, Justin Haynes’s latest collection ruling the fashion world

The quality of the clothing has always been his top priority, and his innovative designs radiate style, with unusual and authentic tailoring.

Justin Haynes, a well-known fashion designer, businessman, and fashion lifestyle icon who is from Springfield, Massachusetts. Justin Haynes has received praise on numerous international platforms. He is the founder and CEO of the fashion label JUS10H, which has established itself as a top-tier brand that serves people all over the world.

On Friday, October 28th, Justin’s birthday, SYMPHONY, his most recent collection, was released at the Community Music School of Springfield, a renowned music institution. 110 guests attended the event, females dressed in black floor-length dresses and men in traditional black tuxedo attire helped to fully realize the old symphonic idea. His new label ONYX, which pays attention to the luxury things, is the source of the collection. Black, white, and pale gray made up the beautiful, rich color palette.

Justin stated, “Last night a SYMPHONY of Fashion was built, created, & presented. I’m blessed & honored to be the conductor”. By designing timeless, elegant ready-to-wear clothing, he aimed to integrate formal wear into everyday settings. A total of 61 pieces were produced to create the 21 fully layered outfits that were showcased on the runway.

Justin’s practical experience in the global fashion industry spans more than ten years. He is a lifestyle icon who constantly makes waves in the fashion industry with his distinctive collections. Today, his own well-known fashion brand, JUS10H, has established itself as a reputable and beloved name in the industry.

Clothing Brand: ONYX by Justin Haynes

Production Director: Andrew Maxwell-LegacySoundsLLC 

Cover Shot: John Helmke

Lead Photographer: Scott Parker 

Lead Hairstylist: Rebecca Grimes Nealy

Lead MUA: Sassy Smith

Lead MUA: Shar Turner

Pro MUA: Jasmin Moon

Pro MUA: Jessica Eberle

Models: Ellie Matus, Stephon Royal, Michael V Yurkovskiy, Brazyl Jai


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