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Millitant Is Next Up Out Of Elmont Long Island AKA Exit 13

Millitant never seems to disappoint. He makes it look so easy to create hit records the way he’s been dropping back to back lately. “Celine Demon,” which is a new song of his can be added to his catalog. He recently shot an exclusive music video for it. 

In this new visual you can find him at the salon and down in a alley rapping about how he traps outside of Hotel. He’s been hustling and stacking up bands all his life. Millitant never had it easy growing up, so everything he has ever worked for is well deserved. This young rap star also mentioned that he has saw something’s that  he doesn’t want to relive again. This is why he’s chasing his dream and working hard to make it big in the music industry. 

I know many of you probably got caught up hustling in the streets as well and now you’re looking for a way to escape from that lifestyle. Well I suggest you all give Millitant a chance and support his movement by checking out the video below.

Instagram – @millitant13

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