Connecting the World Through Music Videos: Mehrdad Jahani’s Vision

Mehrdad Jahani, also known as Mehrdad Jahakhish, is an accomplished artist who has been involved in the music and videography industry for over ten years. Born in Mashhad, Iran on July 23, 1990, Mehrdad discovered his passion for music and sound at an early age. He honed his skills in this field for a decade before transitioning to production and direction for music videos and videography.

According to Mehrdad, music videos are a powerful way to connect with audiences worldwide, using the combination of sound and image to create something impactful. He believes that the unique combination of music and video can be used to improve the world around us. His definition of success is based on the creation of works that leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Mehrdad’s most satisfying moment in his career is when he sees the customer satisfied and happy with the outcome of his work. He finds it fulfilling to know that the production of an effect was effective.

Despite his achievements, Mehrdad acknowledges that failure is an inevitable part of life. However, he uses his failures to chart a better path to reach his goals instead of giving up.

Mehrdad’s future plans involve travelling around the world and creating music videos for prominent artists. He aims to use the best equipment available to ensure better quality while using his ideas to create something impactful.

In conclusion, Mehrdad Jahani is a talented artist who has left a significant impact in the music and videography industry. He believes in the power of combining sound and image to create lasting works of art that connect with millions of people worldwide. His journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists who want to create something that leaves a lasting impact on the world.


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