The Big Bang Unleashes Sonic Stardust: Luckie Mazi, Dis Ain’t 2K, and The Youth Surpass 1 Million Streams

On September 1, 2023, Hollywood Nights witnessed a celestial event of epic proportions as it played host to the grand premiere of “The Big Bang.” This sonic masterpiece, a collaboration between the enigmatic @disaint2k and musical talents @_tytheyouth and Luckie Mazi, was inspired by the mesmerizing allure of #hollywoodnights at @station1640. The night set Hollywood ablaze with its unique blend of EDM, pop, 80s vibes, and 90s flair, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

The journey to 1 million streams:

In a remarkable turn of events, the trio woke up to find their music embraced by the EDM and rave community. The renowned influencers @edmlifestyle recognized “The Big Bang” as a hit and featured it on their Instagram, garnering over 100k views in just 24 hours. This recognition catapulted the song to commercial success within the EDM and rave community. It eventually reached the milestone of 1 million streams on Spotify, catching the eye of @DjMizzV, the host and co-creator of @ThatPart_Talk_Show, which airs on Vegas Hype Media.

Origins of the Sonic Collaboration:

The genesis of this extraordinary collaboration can be traced back to Luckie Mazi’s time at Point Blank Music School, where he completed courses under the mentorship of Matthew Knowles, the father of Beyoncé Knowles. At a graduation celebration at the school, Luckie crossed paths with another graduate, Dis Ain’t 2K. The two talented artists performed back-to-back at the ceremony and were deeply impressed by each other’s performances. This encounter set the stage for a unique musical journey.

Dis Ain’t 2K, hailing from Ferguson, MO, brings an irreverent style to his music, combining rap lyrics with filthy bass beats. His fearless storytelling and clever wordplay make him a force to be reckoned with. His music serves as a vehicle for social commentary and personal expression, challenging the status quo and resonating with his audience. With his base now in Los Angeles, Dis Ain’t 2K is pushing the boundaries of his artistry to new heights and electrifying audiences both in the studio and on stage.

The Youth, a 24-year-old talent from Las Vegas, Nevada, has gone from performing in local clubs to being recognized as one of the best local rappers in 2017. His journey includes co-starring in the pilot trailer for the “Put On Reality Show,” producing, engineering, and publishing his own singles. With an intimate involvement in the production process, The Youth is dedicated to collaborating with fellow artists and giving back to the community that supported his growth.

The collaboration between these three artists, each with their unique journey and style, resulted in “The Big Bang.” This groundbreaking track captures the spirit of innovation and creativity that defines the music industry, setting the stage for even greater accomplishments in the future. As they continue to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide, Luckie Mazi, Dis Ain’t 2K, and The Youth have proven that the universe of music is boundless, and sonic stardust can indeed be unleashed through their extraordinary talents.




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