Denim Records: A Fashion Tribute to 50 Years of Hip Hop

Justin Haynes Merges the Rhythms of Music with the Textures of Fashion in a Groundbreaking Collection

The interplay between fashion and music has always been dynamic, and no one understands this dance better than designer Justin Haynes. With the unveiling of his latest collection, “Denim Records,” Haynes seamlessly blends the raw energy of hip hop with the timeless allure of denim, paying homage to half a century of hip hop culture.

Fashion & Music: An Inseparable Duo

It’s often said that fashion and music are two sides of the same coin. Without fashion, music artists would lack the visual flair that amplifies their personas. Without music, fashion would lose the pulsating rhythms that give life to runway shows. Recognizing this intertwined relationship, Haynes has crafted “Denim Records” to commemorate the profound influence of hip hop culture on the fashion industry. Using denim—a fabric intrinsically linked to the grassroots evolution of hip hop—as the collection’s foundation, Haynes creates a symphony of styles that resonate with the genre’s vibrant history.

Spotlight on Signature Looks

This collection is rich with standout pieces, with three looks particularly catching the eye:

  1. The Cowl Block Patched Vest & Acorn Denim Chino: A pairing that echoes the raw, unfiltered essence of early hip hop.
  2. The Layered Ensemble: Featuring a cotton denim dress, a denim long sleeve shirt, and topped off with a railroad stripe denim biker jacket. It’s a multi-dimensional look that reflects hip hop’s diverse influences.
  3. The Color-Stained Denim Trench & Railroad Denim Bell Trousers: Every Haynes collection has its showstopper, and this trench coat ensemble embodies the eclectic and progressive spirit of the genre.

Behind the Lens: The Return of Louie Moreno

Photography is a crucial element in conveying a collection’s soul, and for “Denim Records,” the lens was trusted to photo artist Louie Moreno. Having captured numerous campaigns for Haynes in the past, Moreno’s return after a brief hiatus was met with much anticipation. Haynes praises Moreno’s balance of autonomy and collaboration, stating, “Louie is great; he takes control of edits but never overshadows me during the shoot. I respect him for respecting me.”

Models: The Living Canvases

The choice of models is pivotal in bringing a designer’s vision to life. For this campaign, executive picks, combined with Haynes’ discerning eye, led to a powerful ensemble. Myles Jeh, who began his journey with Haynes 14 years ago, continues to be a pillar of support. While Bella Lauzon and Ray Anthony may not share the same tenure as Jeh, their commitment to Haynes and his brand mirrors that long-standing dedication.

As NYFW wraps up, “Denim Records” remains etched in the minds of attendees—a testament to Justin Haynes’ unwavering ability to innovate and inspire.


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