THE UNUSUALS Serve Up an Auditory Feast with “Sweet Potatoes” Featuring Wordsworth

In the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop, innovation, and authenticity are the twin pillars that continue to elevate the genre. Enter Xperience and Ninjaface, aka THE UNUSUALS, the Pacific Northwest collective of sonic trailblazers who have consistently pushed the boundaries of hip-hop with their unique blend of lyrical ingenuity and musical experimentation.

With their latest offering. “Sweet Potatoes,” featuring Wordsworth, they invite listeners to savor a musical feast that’s as rich and flavorful as the dish it’s named after. From the very first beat, “Sweet Potatoes” captivates the senses. The production is a sonic collage, blending classic hip-hop and soul elements with a contemporary edge. The beats are punchy, and the melodies are hypnotic, setting the stage for THE UNUSUALS’ signature lyrical domination.

The lyrical finesse displayed by THE UNUSUALS is nothing short of remarkable. Each verse is a carefully crafted piece of art, filled with wordplay, clever metaphors, and a sense of authenticity that is all too rare in the genre. The addition of powerful guest artist Wordsworth adds another layer of depth and lyrical dexterity to the mix, making “Sweet Potatoes” a true collaborative gem.

The song’s chorus is an instant earworm, with its catchy melody and infectious rhythm. It’s a testament to THE UNUSUALS’ ability to create music that is thought-provoking and incredibly fun to listen to. “Sweet Potatoes” is a reminder that hip-hop is not just a genre, it’s a platform for storytelling and self-expression. Xperience’s insightful perspective on the track adds depth to the song’s message, stating. “Sweet Potatoes speaks to the challenges of living in a consumer-driven world and the yearning for simplicity and authenticity in a complex society.”

In conclusion, “Sweet Potatoes is a masterful sonic journey serving listeners the flavors of THE UNUSUALS unique and diverse musical palette. It’s a testament to their ability and commitment to pushing the boundaries of hip-hop while staying true to its roots. As a hip-hop journalist and critic, I can confidently say that THE UNUSUALS continue to be a force in the genre, and “Sweet Potatoes further proves their artistic brilliance. We look forward to their upcoming singles and their full-length record set to drop in early 2024: For all inquiries, contact management: Damon Moreno | Inner Light Agency |


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