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The Boy B Eazy has just released his first studio album “Believe”

The Boy B Eazy isn’t just your ordinary pop singer. He combines his love for hip-hop and R&B to create unique music to get the crowd a sense of energy that will inspire anyone to always “Believe”. 

“I want to inspire people and touch peoples heart with what I’ve been through and possibly what anyone else has been through or is going through. Life is short, you always have to make the best of it.” 

The Boy B Eazy, also known as, Brandon Shepard is a 21 year old upcoming hip-hop/r&b artist from Fayetteville, NC. He puts his words into his music for his fans to feel touched by his past and present experiences. The Boy B Eazy’s latest EP, ‘Believe, Vol. 1’ featuring OTR Qwan on “Make It Better” and also featuring REDDD on “The RIDE”. Believe, Vol. Is a special project created for many different aspects in life among these great artists to depict a story that many can relate to and feel good about. 

“I want to be remembered by my music. The way people feel when they listen to it. I want people to remember that no matter what they’re going through, just always believe. “

“I see myself in 5 years watching all the people that believed in me pursue my dreams, creating amazing music that everyone will listen to no matter where they are”

“I love music because it takes me to a place that you can’t describe, there’s a place in your head where you can just be you and put your words into a story that’s so beautiful”


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