Raring to make it huge in the world of music is emerging talent Zeddy.

He is excited to come up with his new music as a solo artist, releasing on 15th November 2021.

To dream about something is one thing, to make efforts towards the same is another thing and to choose to go under the grind, challenge oneself and give it their all is an altogether different thing. To belong to the latter category is no cakewalk, but a few individuals have still managed to make it big in their respective industries by making sure they leave no stone unturned in giving in their best to their niches. The music space has so far welcomed many such talented beings; however, only a few have gone ahead in becoming who they desire to be in the industry, reaching the pinnacle of success, just like Zeddy did in the fiercely competitive industry.

Zeddy was formerly known as ZN when he worked with 86 Music Group. Today, this talented being is reaching the next level of success by coming up with his new music as a solo artist, which will be released on 15th November 2021. Zeddy’s journey to success is something that has inspired many other budding talents in the industry and has helped them believe in their dreams and aspirations.

If you think this youngster had an easy journey, let us tell you that Zeddy has managed to achieve all of this while also battling depression. How, you ask? Well, Zeddy lost many of his loved ones. At 14 years of age, he lost his elder brother; he then went to Ghana and came back as an 18-year-old. Realizing his innate musical skills and talents, he began working with 86 Music Group. However, tragedy struck again when in 2017, he survived a fatal car crash but lost his childhood friend. This year in August, he also lost his father.

Zeddy, throughout his life, has been through a lot, which is the reason for the depression that he suffers. However, not backing down, this young guy from London, the UK, believes in facing the odds and overcoming them. That is what he has been doing, and that is what has helped him become the rapper and musical talent he is today in the industry.

Watch out for him as he releases his music on 15th November 2021 as a solo artist.

You can follow him on Instagram : @znkayoss


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