One Boy One Journey

Here we’re introducing Raekwon Williams, a country boy from South to Johnsonville SC.  He’s such a dedicated personality who had faced a rough long road came along his way. He was always pick on a lot and wanted to be like the cool kids in his school but was never accepted popular loner ain’t had nothing. But his one goal towards success never let him down and also he’d never been to jail graduate school. He started working different jobs but the 9-5 time really wasn’t cutting him to pull himself back. For him, his mother always told him that he would be something someday but he didn’t actually know or realize what It was at that time. Though he never used to gave up on finding his way on which his family always motivated him much to never put yourself down and always follow your dreams to be the best you can be.

Recently he released his new song named as “Move In Silence”. The main reason behind his path to become successful is that he was always grinding and try to make money the right way by working different jobs until he tried to dance but failed so horribly. He (Raekwon) said that, his brother tried to teach him but that didn’t work for him either. After that one day his friends were having a freestyle cypher session and he decided to join them with some thoughts running his mind, how would he do that or how could he rap. So after many days of rehearsals he started flowing and putting his words together, he’s making everyone shocked who’s watching or listening him. After having confidence inside, he went to a studio and made a song that was truly liked by the producer and that’s how he started taking rap world seriously. His biggest desire in next 2 years is to become the best rapper from Johnsonville, SC and give his family a lavish or happy life that they actually deserve.

He is doing 9 to 5 work at Sam’s club only because that help him to pay for his studio time that he’s tryna make his career to life. And the biggest lesson he learnt is that friends only do support when you’re up but when you’re going low with any kind of downfall, you’ll never get a hand to hold you. He also stated that he can’t really predict what will be happen in his future but one thing he keep with himself is that he’s not going to be broke again. 

To know more about him and to listen his songs, you can follow him on his social media (Instagram) account : @Raethesteppa


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