Manish Singh fascinates people with his thrilling journey in the world of music.

He has transitioned from being a music marketer to becoming a musician himself with his record label ZZED Music.

All through these years, people spoke a lot about a few individuals who always made sure to jump from one venture to the other for making their mark in all of them. Choosing to do so much and being more each passing day in itself is a huge feat to achieve, believe experts. Topping the list of such youngsters across different fields is one such astute and versatile professional named Manish Singh, touted as the self-made millionaire he is for his number of businesses. However, this young man, who also has made his mark as a music marketer, is now slowly moving towards becoming a musician himself.

Yes, you heard that right. Manish Singh, who made it huge in the world of digital and always fascinated people with his versatility across niches, which also included his excellence as a music marketer, thought it was high time to emerge as a musician as well and prove to the world how worthy he is as a young professional and musical talent. To be able to make such tough decisions in life and to fearlessly move ahead in learning new things and attaining newer feats in all that one chooses to do takes a lot of grit, patience and courage, and Manish Singh always radiated all these virtues at every step of the way in his career and life.

As a music marketer, doing promotions of the work of other musicians and musical artists, he realized how he could too turn into a musician and take his record label ZZED Music to greater success levels. On Spotify, he has released a single titled “In The Sky”, which has gained him immense love and recognition already.

He has thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify ( and is only getting to the next level of success each day with an increase in his fans and followers.

Manish Singh as a musician and as a record label owner for ZZED Music, aims to do so much more in music in the upcoming years.

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