King Cali, a well-known figure living his aspirations in entertainment

King Cali is widely known as a multi-talented influencer, music producer, actor, VIP host, and image consultant. He was born in 1984 and raised in Los Angeles. He was first privately schooled in Compton, where his paternal grandmother would instill faith, literacy, and etiquette.

His father, an accomplished entertainer, was known to be the “King of Pop” in dance culture long before Elizabeth Taylor suddenly gave the title to Michael Jackson. Having a wide range of accolades such as influencing the likes of Tyler Perry (and even being a creative force behind the soundtrack “The Players Club” starring Ice-Cube), his dad throughout the 80s, 90s, and 2000s would have a significant influence on the greatest dancers, performers, actors, and musicians of all time.

His mother attended Crenshaw High School and comes from a highly competitive class in education, liberal arts, sports, and business culture. She was a realtor, child psychologist, and church minister who gave back to the community through nonprofit foundations. Her younger sister Tracy helped to raise performers Brandy and Ray-J from an early age, who were also influential in King Cali’s upbringing.

Following a quarrel between his parents that started in Los Angeles, King Cali’s mother relocated to the Bay Area, where he would continue to excel in sports and grow his network. There, he would be influenced by his older cousin and music mogul Jay King’s legacy (Club Nouveau). Additionally, his godfather from Vallejo, Khayree Shaheed of Young Black Brotha Records, also had a significant musical effect.

King Cali returned to LA to attend state college, but would have a rocky road along the way—fighting a battle against cancer—altering his decision to play collegiate sports. However, after a miraculous triumph coupled with years of giving back through the community nonprofit Fathers & Mothers Who Care Inc., he says, “I’m just glad I can inspire people to persevere.” 

King Cali continues to be a major link to an enriched West Coast entertainment history. He currently works with Big C Style (co-founder of Doggystyle Records) as an image consultant and road manager for El-Jay, an up-and-coming billboard-charting artist.

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