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Getting to know rising artist Casshyvee

Kovey Wesley famously known as Casshyvee. Was born and raised in the heart of Harlem, New York.

What makes you different?

What makes me different is that I am a versatile artist. I don’t only want to rap about women or materialistic things. I am also not JUST a musical artist. I am a media and visual artist as well. I am a man for the people whatever the people want , I bring to them and give to them. Without my fans and supporters I wouldn’t be anyone. I’m the type of artist to do a give away and let my fans do a song and send it to me and I get on the song. Just the smile on their face and happiness would be payment enough.

What in life do you want to Accomplish?

In life I want to accomplish many things. A selective few would be to make a billion dollars and to be the first artist to write direct & act in his own documentary. Which would be where my music comes in , music came into my life and took all the pain away. I can go lock in the studio and get all my thoughts out and be stress free. Mainly what I want to accomplish in life is where my music gets to a point where my music can take others’ pain away as well. I know everyone has a different story and everyone goes through something different everyday. I would like to be able to text my mother and take her on vacation WHENEVER I would please because, all she’s done for me I owe and devote my life to her. I want my music to take me to heights I wouldn’t and couldn’t imagine in a million years. I want to be able to live financially stable while living the lifestyle I want to live with no restrictions. I know I can reach almost every ear in this world with my music to finally give them peace and let them know it’s going to be okay and they have nothing to worry about.

In 5 years Kovey states to us” I can see myself on xxl or doing shows. Going on tour, and by that point in my life I will actually know who KOVEY WESLEY really is. Also what I’m capable of in many extents. I know it will take work & I’m ready to put it in on all levels. In 5 years my life will have DRASTICALLY changed for the better. I will have a great home, everything I could possibly want in life. My mother and family will be living comfortably. My name will be globally known in all cities, countries and states”.

What Kovey bringsto the music world is peace , calmness , and love. While also giving a bit of gangster while still giving off the intimacy feel. When someone hears Kovey’s music they will feel every emotion the words give off. He wants to bring his listener into his song by helping them paint a picture of what he is speaking about in his music. Bringing the listener closer to his heart and letting them feel every emotion I had. He brings his pain, his sorrow and anguish. But with bringing his pain he brings the assurance of letting the listener know, those days are gone, you are onto bigger and better days now.

The legacy Kovey wants to leave behind is nothing but love and respect. Who want to see him and just CAN’T hate me. Kovey doesn’t want to do any harm to anyone no beef no drama no nothing. Just love good vibes and passion. He wants people to see his music , videos and his creative work and not even truly tune in and it inspires them to do something they felt they couldn’t do. I want to be the MAIN reason that keeps going in life and never gives up Kovey says. I want people of all ages to say “I loved that young man”. I want people’s memories of me to be all positive. I want to leave behind all my love to my fans and supporters. I want them to listen and feel as if we are having a conversation. I want all good emotions felt when listening to my songs, interviews , and videos. States to us.

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