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Getting to know music artist Sanaa Seraj

What’s your artist name and where are you  from?  

I am Sanaa Seraj. Im from Maryland 

Why do you love music? 

I love music because it expresses my alter egos. Music is a world in its self that you can get lost in! I process and release emotion through creating music. 

        What makes you different as a music artist? 

As a music artist I am very versatile. Not only in my lyricism but in genre as well. My look is very authentic without makeup. I have very striking features. As a female rapper and singer you can feel the passion I embody through my words. 

        Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Five years from now I will be a wealthy international entertainer. At this current moment I am working as a licensed cosmetologist. So over a time span of five years my business will be much further and my clientele will definitely be steady. Clientele which then can be passed to people employed in my salon! I will offer many different services for hair, nails, skin, waxing and makeup. In five years I will be a business women, entertainer, and wealthy.

     What do you want to accomplish in life? 

In this lifetime I would like to leave as big of a positive impact on people and this world as possible. I want to influence the energies of this world to be more constructive and guide them not only physically but spiritually. I want to open peoples minds to all the possibilities they have at their fingertips. Completely transcending their current reality. In this life for myself I want to be at my greatest. Which wont happen over night! No one is perfect, so it will be a life long goal of mine that will not only keep me going and keep my soul young. Being my greatest would include fulfilling my souls purpose on this earth, which in one way would be through music. In another through cosmetology until I expand to the next and so forth. 

 What do you bring to the music world? 

The music industry needs a beautiful light hearted free spirit such as myself. When you have a youthful attitude in the music world nothing will ever become boring or repetitious because it is a place for creation! Music would not exist if people didn’t CREATE IT, Hello! I am a creative entertainer with many ideas. 

What do you want to be remembered by? 

I want to be remembered for being a good person. My intentions will always be pure. Remembrance for all of my achievements, being a licensed cosmetologist, owning salons, manufacturing beauty products, creating great music. Evolving into a business women taking an entrepreneurial route building myself in a multi millionaire.


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