Getting to know music artist RayWil

What’s Your Name & Where Are You From?
My name is Jaray Maarquez Wilson aka RayWil. I Am From Sumter, South Carolina

What Makes You Different As A Music Artist? 
My unique versatility is what makes me a different kind of artist. I can go from trap, to RnB music & to everyday life music, such ass the struggle, to equality and anxiety & depression. 

What Do You Want To Accomplish In Life? 
In 5 years i see myself signing other artist from small cities that aren’t popular like mine. I want to give back to those that really need it

What Do You Want To Accomplish In Life?
I want to be able to create generational wealth. I want to able to make my loved ones life easier 

What Do You Bring To The Music World?
I bring the passion & the hype! I know how to paint a picture with my music. Something you can close your eyes to and feel every word that I’m speaking.

What Do You Want To Be Remembered By?
I want to be remembered by putting my people in position to eat. Taking care of those who took care of me at my lowest. 


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