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Getting to know music artist NWG Suavè

NWG Suavè is a professional musical artist from 
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

What makes me different as a artist is that I got a few different sounds I let the beat inspire what I’m bouta say and how I’m bouta say mixed with whatever I’m feeling at the moment. I’ll b able to turn you up but when I get to talkin that pain a middle school girl to a nigga doin life in prison going to be able to feel me

5 years I see my self consider one the best in it. I see myself having artist under my label that are successful and got they own motion goin on. I really want them to have bigger names than me so it makes the label strong.

In life I want to become the highest version of myself. I want to be able to give back to those who need help. Not jus my community but all over. I know that my music can b related to by anyone. 

I want to bring the Netway. Everyone on that wave got a certain confidence bout them selves. But everyone can’t ride it you feel me. It’s more of something to b respected not to b imitated. 

Ima be remember for bein me always. Not matter way.  Whether I die today or when I’m 100, ima always be known for being me cus it’s good enough. Ik ima change for the better when times come and as I live and experience new things but who I became is who I always was. Feel me


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