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Getting to know music artist J’AIME

I go by J’AIME which is a play on words my last name is Jaime and in French J’aime means I love which is a phrase I concurrently use in my everyday life. I’m an Artist/ Rapper from Houston Texas originally from California I moved when I was about eight. I have always had an affinity to music since I was young but not in the conventional way. Humming and singing or just non stop aloud self talk was one of my coping mechanisms against boredom. Even when there was radio silence in any room or setting it seemed to bring me a sense of comfort and ease making melodies in my head and expressing them even though at the time I didn’t know that’s what I was doing.

I was and still slightly am an introvert engrossed in my own world. It never bothered me being like this, especially since as a kid you get a free pass for it. Ironically enough I was quiet and shy when it came to actually socializing until I later matured and grew more present and outspoken.

Although as far-fetched as it may sound I didn’t seriously start listening to music until about 6th grade nor did I have any favorite artists or even favorite songs. The only cultural awareness about music I had came from the mainstream popular songs that would play on the radio or what other people would put me on at the time but I never bothered to explore and discover artists on my own as at the time my only obsession was video games.

I love music because of the power it holds to heal,change minds and most importantly bring people together to relate to each other despite differences in cultural barriers or a language in a unique spiritual way. A universal tongue every person is able to speak and understand is music which Is why I’m so passionate about it and what It can do. Combine that with poetry and you have art now not only is it heard but perceived,believed and connected with on an intimate level that one can escape to when need be.

If I were to say what makes me different from other artists is that I started off writing just poetry as a hobby with no intention to produce music until it became evident that my poems could evolve into songs and that’s when I switched my focus from poetry to song writing and thus rapping, singing. Also a focus of mine is versatility as an artist I tend to explore out into other genres as well and experiment a lot with sounds and how to blend them into a multi genre concoction. In a weird way I feel like all artists are all one in the same. They all dip their pen in the same ink just write in different strokes.

I see myself still doing this in five years or even longer. I also see my reach extending past just my area in terms of my music. I would like for the world to hear what I have to bring and hopefully by five years time have it on lock and master my craft or at least come close to. My goal in life right now is to accomplish as much as I can and growth in all aspects. I want to impact people’s lives in a positive way and be a catalyst for change.

What I bring to the music world is the objective to familiarize people with each other and stimulate with multiple languages I speak fluently in without losing the ear candy. I do combine both English and Spanish into some of my songs which of course isn’t a new concept but it’s a fresh take with my style I Infuse it with.

I want to be remembered by the excellence of my character. The legacy I wish to leave behind is that of a person that went above and beyond in every skill or task I undertook and brought positivity into people’s lives.


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