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Getting to know music artist Dariah Flame

What’s your artist name and where are you  from?  

My name is Dariah Flame and I am from Gary, Indiana but I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona.

Why do you love music? 
I love music because  it is a part of who I am. We grew up together. My mama always tells this story about how I have always had a song in my heart because before I  could speak I was singing and before I could write I was writing my own songs in my head.

What makes you different as a music 
It’s a zillion music artists but there is only one of me. I’m a singer-songwriter, producer, and engineer. My music is like a fusion of my favorite artist Beyoncé, Rihanna, Trippy Redd, Drake, Tiara Thomas, Tory Lanez, H.E.R, and SZA with my own original Flame.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I see myself being a legend in the making. Doing a lot things that have never been done. Leaving my own mark in the music business. Overall making people who have no idea who I am right now one of biggest fan or at least acknowledge my talent.

What do you want to accomplish in life? 
I want to be successful not just in music but in my other businesses as well. There are a lot different industries I want to be apart of. For instance, technology, movies/tv, festivals, relestate, and the food industry. I have a lot of big ideas!

What do you bring to the music world? 
I bring originality, a vibe, creativity, and music that actually has something to say. I don’t have it in me to ever make generic music or a song just to get a radio hit. I’m true to me and my fans.

What do you want to be remembered 
by?  I want to be remembered for being a trend setter. I want to be known for my musical style, fashion, beats, and personality.


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