Getting to know music artist CaribbeanWonder

My Artist name is CaribbeanWonder born  and raise in Brooklyn  NY . Now I’m currently living in Boston right now , but use to commute back and forth at an early age .  I love music because not only I was always around music , but my entire life  it became a big  part of me growing up  raising with it . I would listen to different types of Genres   in music . 

It also  makes  me feel right at home developing big passion for it from any type of music. What makes me  different as a music artist is that not only I am song writer .but also also put a lot passion into what I do . I have a unique way of doing music , and I am  very versatile .  I mastered how to format a song and  flow to it , and I can be  doing different  types of genres and find my way in the song , and I can also make somebody else’s  song become my song and  in a very unique way . Also my style in music you will get a taste and quite a bit of everything From me in different unique as well  . Where I see myself 5 years collaborating with big well known artists , being at award shows  , working with upcoming artists ,teaching game about music , and being well established in a business suit doing Management for music Artists .

I also see myself advancing in my career doing different things outside of music as well . I want to leave a great inspirational impact”””and leave great mark behind when I get old . I want to  be remembered by What I do Greatly.   What I bring to the music world is  artistry , fun , and Energetic music .

I want to be remembered by CaribbeanWonder , and also  known to be very artistic in my work . 


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