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Getting to know music artist CaptainGoodvibez

My name is Captain GoodVibes aKa Young Makaveli, I’m 28 , Born and raise in Los Angeles California ,Crenshaw to be exact and currently living in Houston Texas.I have a passion for music for more than 24 years,Mainly influenced By Music and Musician in the era of the 80s through 1998 .

My favorite rappers are TuPac And Young Dolph. I love music especially in the creative aspect because there’s no limits to what you want to do, what you want to say , and what you want to project to the world . music is the number one thing that almost everybody in the world can relate to because we all listen to it I love the fact that music can bring all of us together .What makes me different from other artists is that I have personality , high vibration & my energy is unmatchable. Im a People person And I love to smile because I’m genuinely happy in my life and I love myself.I’m very consistent I drop a music video every week I went viral 1 once & Generated a total of 400k plays and views from my music & content . I make a song every day and I’m a very positive rapper with a positive perspective trying to create a positive environment And Show the world my positive perspective and attitude. My every day motto just like any company & business would have. Is  “GoodvibesOnly or be a mother fucking Hater” 

I came up with this motto Because life is simple. its either you come with  good energy and good intentions and you have good vibrations or you’re a hater and you don’t want to see people progress and prosper . I try to make life very easy and simple in my world.I see myself five years from now being a great leader and a very well-known influencer & as well as hosting my own GoodVibes TV show internationally around the world.I see myself five years from now Being in movies and short films. Even though I can’t change the world but I’m try my best with the money that I Achieve through my career to feed the homeless and give back to the community and build parks and etc.Those are the main things I want do in my life I want to leave with a Impact and bring generational wealth To my next family and so on.When it comes down to the music industry I feel like I bring Certain energy that is lacking from the music culture. I bring nothing but good energy and I’m a genuine person with a great attitude.

I don’t really promote guns or violence but I rap about having fun partying and living life. Things a lot of people can relate So u can say I’m a people person when it comes down to rapping.In the music industry I’m going to bring and create an environment where there’s nothing but good vibes.environment where when I’m doing shows and festivals it’s going to be nothing but great energy I feel like I’m really going to bring an impact to the music industry once I get to that position. And when I leave this earth instead of buying $200,000 chains and $200,000 fast cars $1 million homes all I want is a nice house ,two cars paid off and the rest of my money I’m want to build parks ,investing my money into charity, creating and invest in other businesses to help me achieve my goals, help feed the homeless even possibly involve myself in the clothing/drinks/food Industry to monetize my brand and keep the revenue flowing in.Overall my goal Bring Goodvibes / Good Energy to the world because the world needs it


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