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Getting to know music artist 6B.Low

6B.Low is an up-and-coming country-rap sensation from Central Florida. 6 had a love for music from a very young age, growing up around many family members that would get together and play and sing music for fun. His love for singing came from spending time singing along to country music with his grandmother, who passed away at a young age from ovarian cancer and his uncles. What makes 6 different as a musician is his ability to sing in multiple variations while also bringing a raspy country-rap vibe. 6 also loves to relate his music to people who are recovering from addictions or battling everyday struggles and depression. In five years, 6 hopes to be known worldwide for his music and put his family in a position they never could have imagined. He brings his heart, soul, and compassion to the music world with hopes to be remembered for his music helping people cope with their struggles and uphill battles they face.


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