DJ JSO: Radio & Media Personality is Uplifting the Creative Entrepreneurs Community!

Jahleel “DJ JSO” Muhammad is a rising star in the entertainment industry, having established himself as a producer, on-air mixer/personality, and publicist from Philadelphia, PA. He is the programming director for Hit Nation Empire and the owner of The Mic Radio & Media LLC, which offers services to help artists with their media and promotion campaigns. DJ JSO’s talents have been successful in scaling his show on the radio station WPPM 106.5 FM, with his segment called The Mic. The Mic XM was created to educate listeners and creatives while highlighting the trials, tribulations, and successes of true catalysts to the culture.

DJ JSO and his team are bringing innovation and inclusiveness to the music industry, creating a streamlined path to growth and success within the industry. Their motto is “Stronger Together, Bigger Than Ever!” and they take pride in being early adopters of new creative projects, ideas, and systems. Hit Nation Empire has opened its airways to creatives, such as DJ Kdev Queen of Trap Show, DJ Ang Sneaker High, and DJ JSO on “The Mic XM,” among others.

Hit Nation Empire has also partnered with event hosts and planners, promoters, venues, photographers, videographers, journalists, publicists, and bloggers, including the most prominent The City Pulse. With so many media and entertainment collaborators under one umbrella, Hit Nation Empire is sure to be a force in the coming years of the modern-day music industry. Independent artists and creatives now have a powerful resource for elevating their career in the industry, thanks to DJ JSO and his team. houses a radio stream to listen to a live feed of Hit Nation Empire Radio, news feed, events with links to purchase tickets, new music and playlists to add to your personal library, and artist and creator profiles to resource services from Hit Nation Empire partners and collaborators. If you are an independent artist, creator, or growing business owner, find out if Hit Nation Empire and The Mic XM will be right for you.

In conclusion, DJ JSO is uplifting the creative entrepreneurs community with his innovative and inclusive services. He wishes to be remembered for the value he provides to industry creatives, helping them grow and succeed in the industry. With Hit Nation Empire, DJ JSO and his team are creating a platform that showcases creative entrepreneurs and shares not only their music but also their story. Keep an eye on Hit Nation Empire in the coming years; it’s sure to be a force to be reckoned with!


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