Dancehall Artist Dertee To Drop First Single From His New Album.

Rising dancehall artist Dertee does it all, he manages artists, produces and tours with a lot of big names. Dertee has had a lot of success in the tune enterprise from 2015 with his leap forward single faux human beings featuring Sneakbo, After that it’s like the hits stored coming work hard remix offering Stylo G, won over 1million views on YouTube and over 2000 downloads.

Being in the recreation for 6 years, Dertee is no stranger to the industry.

Dertee says he began track in 2006 but didn’t release his first tune till 2013, announcing “I used to be continually involved in music and get a lot of inspiration from the older generation, after the fundamental success of fake humans I’ve long gone on to do more than one EP’s and I am currently working on my 2d album as we speak.” The first song from the album will be released in July.

Track Title: (Fi Di World)


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