Romey: The Upcoming HipHop Superstar from Madison Released His New Track

HipHop has been ruling all over the world for the past two decades now and it has produced many legends who have inspired an entire generation to get up and hustle. As many of our readers would agree, some of the hip-hop tracks have changed people’s lives and influenced us. One of such artists is Romey who has been in the news for all the right reasons. Romey has recently dropped his new single called “Fear the Deer” and the song has been blowing up on the major streaming platforms. 

Romey who is also a proud entrepreneur and a fan of the Milwaukee Bucks club said that the song was on his mind for a while now and he wanted to dedicate it to Milwaukee Bucks. The song “Fear the Deer” is a championship anthem and it hits right in the heart of every Milwaukee Bucks fans. 

Romey said that ever since he has started his HipHop journey, Milwaukee has been an inspiration to him. Growing up in Madison, he always looked up to these players. He said that he wanted to drop this anthem ever since the Milwaukee Bucks defied all odds to beat the Phoenix Suns in the finals last year. 

This upcoming legend is one of the finest hip-hop artists of the Madison hip-hop scene. He told us that he loves taking risks and chasing his dreams. He is always in work mode and hustling and when he is not making music, he spends time building businesses. The passion that he has is unbeatable and his energy is unmatched as well which makes him go for more. A combination of talent, skill, and passion is what makes him the upcoming Superstar. 

If you have listened to “Fear the Deer”, you will understand his style and dedication to his craft. Several years ago, he had a recording studio, and people used to call him “The Midwest King”. He was a hip-hop prodigy and now that he’s blessed us with his new single, “Fear the Deer”, we hope to hear more from him.

One of the most amazing things about Romey is that he is a perfect blend of a businessman and artist, someone who is both a visionary and executor. He has also built two successful businesses including an urban clothing line called, “Echelan” and credit solution consultancy- “GR Credit Solutions”. 

You can listen to his latest release, “Fear the Deer” here on Spotify 

Follow Him on Instagram :- @Romeymvp

Follow him on Twitter:- @Romeymwestking


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