Meet Trub, making his mark in the hip-hop world as a true-blue musical artist.

The rapper and singer has enthralled audiences with his latest release, “Same Thang”.

Dreaming about certain things is one thing, and getting into action, putting necessary hard work and efforts to achieve what one desires is a different thing altogether. This is easier said than done, but a few individuals have been doing exactly that and have turned their dreams into a beautiful reality for themselves, thriving on their strong self-belief, passion and honesty in their work. Among them, one name that has been doing exceedingly well in the music industry is a youngster named Lawrence Johnson, more popularly known as Trub, among fans, family and friends. This passionate man from the US has shown every possible virtue to reach the top of the hip-hop niche and emerge as a massively successful rapper and musical artist.

Wondering who is Trub? Let us tell you that he was born in Alexandria, Virginia, and brought up in Memphis, TN. He confesses how music was where he felt he belonged as a kid and felt a very close inclination towards, while he lived with his grandparents in West Helena, Arkansas, for a while. After coming back to Memphis, the 11-year-old Trub then began working around his passion for music and kept honing his skills in the same. During this time, he even played basketball and learned grit and leadership from the sport.

Today Trub has risen as a rapper in the US, who has created a flourishing career for himself, thanks to his madness for music, his impeccable lyrics, mixed with outstanding beats and magical voice. One of his latest songs, “What“, created massive success earning 1.2 million views, and now the young musical talent is all excited for his newest single titled “Same Thang“, which has also been doing outstandingly well across streaming platforms and the music video of which was recently unveiled, directed by Benjididit.

So far, Trub has worked along with many other prominent artists of the industry, including Juicy J, Yung Ralph, Bruno Mars, Plies, Gorilla Zoe, Project Pat, and Future. Apart from being a successful rapper and musician, Trub also has spellbound people with his entrepreneurial skills. He owns his clothing and merchandising store for the music brand and is a part-owner of his restaurant “We’re All About it BBQ”. Besides that, he also has properties in real estate.

Trub, as a versatile talent, looks unstoppable in all that he chooses to do in his career. Do follow him on Instagram @trubchef or visit his website,


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