Getting to know super producer and DJ TREK

Christian Michael Bouloy, better known by his stage name TREK, is an American DJ and producer based out of College Station, TX. TREK is a resident DJ and is best known for remixing popular songs and incorporating electronic music into his productions. As a full time engineering student at Texas A&M University, Christian manages his five DJ sets a week on top of tedious senior level courses. With a growing fanbase on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, his recent projects has caught the attention of various social media influencers and quickly brought attention to his craft over the past few years. The TREK, or journey, is really just the story of a young promoter who dreamt of bringing light to the masses through his energy and music.

As a young teenage in college, I began my trek inspired to promote and throw events for the enjoyment of others. I am gifted with a naturally social and outgoing personality so making new friends came very easy to me. Throughout college, I went from throwing small house parties to coordinating and creating digital flyers for some of the most memorable events at my campus. My first successful event was a beach party I had coordinated by gathering all of my friends and having them help me promote by spreading the word on social media. I started by taking off the doors of my Jeep Wrangler on the beach and using my radio sound system to play music for the event with the various party playlists I had created myself on Spotify. With months of preparation and curating playlists on my phone, this was the time to shine. The beach parties I coordinated as a young 18 year old were some of my biggest achievements at the time and had turnouts of 400-500 people just through word of mouth and digital flyers on social media! With the willpower to network and make each event better, I managed to land a job as a floor guy at a local bar where I quickly realized that doing the dishes was not for me. With consistent effort and dedication, I was able to network my way to landing my first official gig as a DJ, the only problem was that I didn’t actually know how to DJ. About three days before my first show, a person I had randomly happened to meet actually had a spare DJ board and he ended up giving it to me for FREE. In those three days, I stayed up for almost 72 hours straight downloading music and on YouTube teaching myself how to properly mix. From my first show on a slow weekday night to 10 months later, I am now a Junior in college at Texas A&M University as a Mechanical Engineering student and a full time DJ with 5 gigs a week at some of the most popular clubs in my city. In the span of 3 months, I went from DJ’ing one night a week to performing opening sets for artists and playing out of state shows for various student greek life organizations. With the goal of spreading light through music, the name ‘TREK’ has a lot of meaning to me. TREK truly represents the journey I have been on as a young promoter & artist with the goal of one day performing on stage in front of thousands of people. Now with a growing presence on TikTok, I have maintained 3.7 million video views/month and have been consistently focused on creating new content and productions for future events to come. 

As a college freshman, it was my goal to meet as many new people as possible. Within 3 days of touching down at my new college campus, I quickly introduced myself and met as many people as possible to promote my first college party. With the goal of curating a banger start to our freshman year, the word quickly spread like wildfire and my first ever college party in my two bedroom dorm had a line outside of the door just to get in. The most mind-blowing realization of this whole story is the fact that I went from not knowing anyone at this school to having about 120 strangers in my small two bedroom apartment in a matter of 2 days. Little did I know at the time, the 120 people that came to my first event ended up becoming some my best friends for the rest of college. The significance of this story is my drive to go out of my way to make a memorable event to start of college and it will forever hold a place in my heart when looking back where my aspirations of becoming a DJ all started. 

As a full time engineering student, time management has always been one of the biggest obstacles I have had to overcome over the years. Through consistent trial and error, I believe it is important to find out what works for you and to make a routine that will make completing tasks and staying productive easy and repeatable. One thing to bear in mind is that you cannot strive to see results in the short term. It is always important to remind yourself what you are working towards and why you are doing it and to take baby steps towards getting where you want to be. I like to remind myself that small progress is still progress and baby steps are still better than no steps at all! To avoid burnout, I really like to stress that if you do what you love you will never work another day in your life. With that said, the second something starts to feel like a chore, it is a sign that maybe taking a step back to take a break is necessary! Burnout isn’t always a bad thing! Working hard to achieve a goal is very inspiring and I am a big believer of reaching for small attainable goals to build momentum. It is important to be realistic with yourself and your goals and to set boundaries for yourself to maintain a sustainable work ethic and to continue fueling your motivation to succeed.

I truly owe a lot of my success to the friends and family that have supported my dreams throughout the years. I think the most important factor of chasing your dreams is the support system that you have behind you. Through thick and thin, it is really the people that have your back that will be there to catch you when you fail. The question is never “if” you fail, its “when” you fail because failing is a critical but completely necessary when trying to find success. The moments of success may feel sweet and exciting in the moment, but it is truly those moments of failure that will stick with you and make accomplishing your dreams more fulfilling. 

With a passion for influencing the lives and hosting events for the enjoyment of others, I have used music to bring like-minded individuals together by creating an environment where everyone is welcome to have a good time and appreciate their differences. I truly believe that music is a magical thing, it allows for thousands of people of different backgrounds and cultures to vibe together listening to the same song. With the aim of spreading positivity, my goal is bond like-minded individuals together by creating a place where everyone feels welcome to be their self and to show their true colors through the love of music. 

The Disney movie ‘Meet The Robinsons’ quote “Keep Moving Forward” will always continue to motivate me to reach my goals and push through the times where results of your hard work isn’t always visible. From the start, this movie has always appealed to me as a young aspiring engineer and will continue to propel me forward when faced with obstacles on my path. When thinking back to the time where I was truly faced with the biggest challenges in my life, the year COVID-19 hit was truly one of the biggest physical and mental tests I have ever faced in my life. In the midst of one of the most exciting years of my life, the corona virus brought my life to a halt in a matter of days and completely changed the way I lived my daily life going forward. As a very social person by nature, being told to stay in and not being allowed to host events was very frustrating during this time of uncertainty in the world. When looking back in time, it has now been two years since the start of the corona virus and I owe it to the mental toughness I found deep within myself to keep moving forward that set the foundation for my success in the years to come.


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