A talented Las Vegas teen is ready to shine bright in a city full of stars

Rae Milli, born Aiyana Evans, is creating a major buzz in a lot of music circles. A Las Vegas native who has been singing and dancing since she could walk has recently signed her first recording contract. 

Being willing to bet on herself and follow her passion for creating music caused her to turn down four volleyball scholarships after graduating high school last year. That talent and passion got the attention of indie label, Evo Music Group who recently signed her and made Rae the first lady of EMG.

Her versatile flow and ability to sing and rap has drawn some high praise and comparisons. When asked about the fact that some of her work reminds people of a female Drake, Rae laughed and said “Hold up now, don’t go that far. Drake is an icon, I’m just getting started.”

Her humbleness is refreshing in this age of industry and social media bravado. She attributes that to her mother and father who keep her grounded. “My mom and dad are my biggest supporters but they say they keep the safety pin to pop my head if it gets too big.” Rae says as she shakes her head.

After hearing some of her newly mastered songs and the vision of which current big names are going to be on which ones, I’m predicting that Rae will soon be shining bright not just in Las Vegas but in the industry as a whole.

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